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Junade Ali is a British computer scientist with specialist knowledge of computer security, distributed systems and software design. His software engineering experience has varied from being the lead developer of the then largest digital agency in the UK (by headcount) to developing software for embedded systems used in mission critical road safety applications.

At the age of 17, he started a post-graduate Masters, and was later awarded a Distinction and “Best Overall Masters” award for a thesis based of his earlier conference paper “Coverage and Sensor Placement for Vehicles on Predetermined Routes - A Greedy Heuristic Approach”.

With specialist experience in refactoring legacy software and software design, Junade has published multiple books on software engineering, including the best-selling title: “Mastering PHP Design Patterns”.

Currently, Junade holds the position of Lead Support Operations Engineer at Cloudflare and is working part-time on a PhD in theoretical computer science.

Junade can be found on Twitter as @IcyApril.

Trivia: Junade once co-authored a book on constitutional law with the late Professor Stephen Haseler and Graham Allen MP.